Thursday, November 8, 2012

Studio Move Update

If you've been to this blog in the recent past and noticed it was moved, your probably wondering why in the world I am now posting here again (and duplicate posting at that if you have been to my blog on my website)....let's just say I'm trying to complicate things :)  I moved my blog because my awesome new website has a blog built in, but now am bringing this one back up to speed because I am starting a NEW website (a sister site really) that also has a blog built in, but don't ya know they want me to use blogger for that site....grrrr why can't it just all be easy??'s not that big of a deal and I think it's really quite worth it because the new site is strictly a shop for all of my glass lighting, art, decor and gifts!!!  yay- really when you think about it!
So in trying to keep this blog up to is my latest post!

This post is actually quite outdated…but I wanted to update you :)  I finally moved my studio, well actually I moved all my things just before market and unpacked as soon as I got back from market.  I have been in the new space for a couple of weeks now and must admit I like it better than the other studio that was literally just down the hall.

Be sure to stop by and check it out in person!!!  Lots of new goodies!!  Will post one of my latest newest creations hopefully tomorrow!

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