Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's been a busy couple of weeks at the studio and in general for that matter.  I can't believe Christmas is just 3 days away!!  I'm thrilled to say that I have finished all my shopping, just have some last minute wrapping to do....and after seeing all the traffic around the mall today I must say I'm delighted that I don't have to endure all the chaos.
I've added some new products in my shop that I'm really excited about! (and have MANY more projects in the works for the near future :))

I was able to find some great things at our local goodwill and thrift shops over the past week and am excited to give the "old" some new life :)
First I found these candle sticks.  

I also found this night stand

and the trunk that is in the background lol....sorry I must have forgot to take a "before" picture of that one!

Here is the "after" of the night stand.  I removed the hardware, sanded it all down and painted it a crisp white with a pop of turquoise inside the drawers.
Next I distressed it and then finished it off with some of my glass hardware.  This was my inspiration.

 I really love the way it turned out.  Pictured below are 2 of the candle sticks ....need to get a better "after" shot of those.

 Here is the trunk....sorry again for the lack of the before picture.  Just imagine it dirtier and without "feet".....I cleaned it up really well and added some legs that I painted black.

 I just love how it all came together and it's the perfect place to display some of the great things in my shop!

I also found some great little glass tea cups and decided they would be perfect with some succulents.  

Well, that's it for sure to check back soon for more furniture projects!