Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tons of ideas, not nearly enough time!!

My brain has been going a million miles a minute's exhausting trying to keep up, but I'm having lots of fun trying :)

Here are the pictures I promised...this gives you a small idea of how scatter brained I've's been going a million miles a minute and in completely different directions lol!

First is my is not finished (I'm waiting for my shipment of Swarovski crystals which should be here today!! yay!!!) It's about 1/3 way finished and I'm already thinking of the next one....this time black frame and clear and white beads.....the possibilities are really endless with these and I can't seem to make the beads fast enough to get them put together :) This one will have at least 33 glass beads and I haven't counted the crystals yet....would love to know what you think!
I've also been busy making more jewelry (I keep having to remind myself that I have 2, TWO!!! shows coming up in less than a month!!!!) I have a bunch of beads patiently waiting on me to do something with at the studio too.....ugghhh...there's just not enough time in my day!

I'm loving this turquoise color and every time I make a piece with these colors I tell myself I have to make one for me too!!

Here is what I spent all of Tuesday working on.....I have this great idea in my mind of an architectural - 3D design for your home with my disk beads......think meandering pathway/design along a long wall in your home or office or along a spiral staircase of tons of glass disk beads in different sizes.....I already know how I will package different can buy a set of 3 all the way up to 300 (ha!) and with each package I will include a few pictures of ideas on how to put them up....WELL, I was talking with my husband about my this and he can't wrap his head around people being able to put them up himself (he has no idea how creative you all are) and he was trying his best to convince me that I should have them already put together somehow on a board and my customers just buy the board and hang it up.....I proceeded to tell him that was really boring - so he suggested that I paint the board to make it more interesting....well, this sparked a great idea!!! Put my glass disks in a, this has been done before.... and it's really a creative way to incorporate your glass beads into a different medium!! So I got to thinking and decided to try it with flowers because I just love the abstract paintings that are popular right now with poppies and this is what I came up with......

I already have another idea for chocolaty browns and blues with tiny white disk beads as flowers....again...there is just not enough time in the day....not to mention my body is screaming at me for sitting on my hardwood floor all day yesterday painting. Note to self, use the easels you have in your studio!!!

Oh, and don't think I forgot about my architectural 3D design idea.....look for those to be pictured soon :)

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