Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Day

I had a fantastic time with Tim at Mcfadden Art Glass today!! He was really helpful and patient and taught me so much that I am hoping to translate over to my torch work :)
I must tell you, I'm really really considering taking his 4 week course to learn furnace work.....I'm just really afraid of becoming addicted to another form of working with glass...and lets be honest...it's not a "cheap" venture LOL :)
I can't wait to show you what we made....I should be able to go back out there Friday and pick them up :)
If you live in the area, it's a MUST SEE place!!! His work is amazing and this Friday is "date night" there - you can grab a drink at the glass grill next door and watch him work!! Lots of fun!! Scott and I went to a date night about a year ago and really had a great time!

I did manage to get a little work done at my studio....Here is one of the things I made. I call it Red Coral Reef :) Scott and I love to scuba dive and just love anything about the ocean! The other night we were watching Wild Pacific, which is a great show about the Pacific Ocean and they were doing an episode about how the coral reefs and islands in the Pacific were made. There were so many great shots of the amazing reefs which inspired me to bring a little coral to my jewelry :)
Enjoy :)

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