Monday, February 21, 2011

Camera two, Carey zero

So far I have spent the morning fighting with my camera....I think it's winning!
While battling with photography this morning I thought of our friends Tim and Kara and realized that I should really call upon them (the professionals) for some "taking pictures of a light" pointers :) They have the gift and talent of taking absolutely amazing pictures. I highly recommend checking out their work! Kara and Tim of Fly Away Home Studios........I need your help :)

Now back to my amateur shots :) I think this little blue piece is my favorite!!! It is 21 inches tall by 8 inches wide and has 21 hollow bubbles accented in blue. The black wrought iron base has a mirrored back that softly reflects the light from 3 LED's anchored above. Oh if I could only capture it properly in a picture :) I hope you like it!!!

I'm still working on arranging the lighting with the little yellowish colored's fighting back, but I think I may win that particular battle.....


  1. Looks AWESOME!!!! :) Great job! Very unique!

  2. Sorry it took a couple of weeks, but thanks for the 'plug' and link to our web site! Loving the colors - ALL of them